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What is a Professional Organizer?

What is a Professional Organizer?

I didn’t know the real answer to this question when I first started my business. I thought the answer was that it is someone who organizes closets, kitchens, rooms, etc. for people who are messy. That couldn’t be further from the truth. My clients are not messy or disorganized. Truthfully many have the same skills that I possess. What they lack is time or the ability to step back and take a more clinical view of their surroundings.

Here’s how it starts. We all have areas of our home that we consider messy or disorganized and that we walk by multiple times a day. Each time we look at it create a little stress for ourselves wondering when we are going to clean it up. Day after day the stress builds. Day after day, we commit to fixing it and continuously disappoint ourselves. This adds stress in micro doses every single time we look at our mess. We look at it hundreds of times a week. Week after week. It eventually adds up and creates a stress point that is 100% self-induced and 100% controllable.

A Professional Organizer is like a personal trainer for your house except when we are finished, your house is in the best shape of its life. Sure, we clean, organize, and find a tidy place for all your possessions. We also counsel and create a system so we never have to return. We build a system that works for you. Every client is different. Everyone needs a slightly (or greatly) different system. We make sure that you will never have to hire us again.

Who hasn’t felt great after organizing? Again, with the personal trainer reference because I feel its so appropriate. No one truly loves to workout though everyone loves the feeling when they are done. The feeling that we challenged our body and more importantly our mind to act and do something that will make our life better is a great one. The fact that we overcame the mental challenge and did something to better ourselves. Organizing is the exact same feeling.

The real answer is I am someone who makes people’s lives easier and reduces their stress. I have never had a client who hasn’t told/wrote/recommended me who doesn’t include a comment about how more relaxed I made them. We truly improve the quality of one’s life. No longer do you look at that previous messy area with stress. Now it is just the opposite feeling. Now when you look at it, it brings you great joy. It brings you happiness. And it helps to reduce the pressure in your life and replace it with pleasure. You see, a Professional Organizer is like a therapist for your home and you.