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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer

I know. I know. I’m biased. Full disclosure…I agree. However, it doesn’t change the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer like me. Check them out and let me know if you agree or disagree.

#1 - You Don’t Have to Do It

Should I just stop here? Isn’t this enough of a reason? One of my husband’s mantras is (side note: he has lots) “Never do a shi**y job well”. It’s why he said he turned all our laundry pink the first time he did it. Organizing is a pain and something my husband would put in the sh**y job category. It’s challenging physically (more about this later) and mentally. Everyone procrastinates doing the things they don’t want to – even if they know they must. Turn this job over to a Professional Organizer and you can use that time to be doing something that you want to.

#2 - We Do It Faster

A landscaper can cut the same lawn much faster than a homeowner can. Same rings true for professional organizing. Hence the title “Professional”. We have all the tools we need and know all the techniques to use. This is not because we are smarter than you. It’s because we do it every single day. We have made hundreds of mistakes and we have learned the most efficient way to tackle an organizing project. We can eyeball a project and develop an attack plan instantly.

#3 - Someone Else Gets the Aches and Pains

I mentioned this in #1. Professional organizing is very physical work. Lots of bending, up and down, climbing stairs, and lifting makes me quite tired at the end of the day. It can really beat up your back, legs, and arms. Sometimes I feel it the most in my fingers. You must be in decent shape or else you’ll be sore for days or weeks. Leave the physical work to someone else.

#4 - It Takes Away Your Stress

It is unbelievably stressful to walk by a mess or a disorganized space every single day. It beats you up emotionally. Everyone’s life is filled with daily stress. We all experience and deal with stress in different ways. Believe it or not, I find silence while driving in my car quite relaxing and peaceful. And please don’t laugh at me, one of my daily stressors is what I am going to eat for dinner. Thankfully my husband doesn’t consider cooking a shi**y job 😊. A Professional Organizer will instantly remove the stress caused by the mess you’ve been walking by for months (or years), and you will never regret it.

#5 - They’re Better at Organizing (duh!)

There are things I am good at and things I am not. For those that I am not, I find someone who is and ask them or pay them to do it for me. Professional Organizers are just better at organizing. We have excellent spatial skills. I can pack a suitcase in minutes, and you should see how much I can fit into my car to take to and from clients’ homes. We can make the most efficient use of your space whether you have a lot or a little. We can pack a lot of utility into a space that I’m sure you never thought of. And the best part is that when we are done it is less crowded and more functional.