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3 Things a Professional Organizer Does in Addition to Organizing a Mess

3 Things a Professional Organizer Does in Addition to Organizing a Mess

Everyone thinks they know what a Professional Organizer does. They organize something that is disorganized or messy, right? Yes and no. A Professional Organizer does a lot more than just organize your closet, kitchen, garage, or pantry. Here are a few of the other things a Professional Organizer can do to help you.

Organize your computer or paper files

How many people store their computer or paper documents in nice well labeled folders that are easily found? Not many of us. How many of us look forward to finding all the receipts and documents that we must pull together at tax time? None of us. Did you know that Professional Organizers are hired to do just this? I have helped many people clean up their hard drives, organize their electronic and paper files, and move many of them to the cloud freeing up the space and performance of their computer. If your computer is running slowly, sometimes organizing and cleaning your electronic files can make a big improvement. And as far as your paper files, we subscribe to the old Ben Franklin adage, “a place for everything, everything in its place.” I have created numerous well labeled paper file systems to capture every document or receipt so it can be filed immediately with perfect recall when it is needed.

Help organize and store your holiday decorations

At the end of a holiday season, who looks forward to putting away the decorations. No one. And how many times when gathering the holiday decorations have you not been able to find something or asked yourself why you kept that thing. There is an easier way. Hire a Professional Organizer to help you organize and store your holiday decorations after each major holiday. You will enjoy the helping hand, they will help you organize your storage to maximize your space and make things much easier for next year. You can create a storage unit for wrapping paper and supplies, for ornaments, and for anything you use year after year. They will help you make a list of all the things you forgot or broke this year so you can get ahead of the supply chain and buy them early and during the off season for less (like tree lights). I have created even and odd year ornament storage boxes that make it easier and more enjoyable to hang ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Help you organize and pack before or after a move

The best time to organize and purge is right before a move. The second-best time is right after a move and during the unpacking process. Too often people move stuff into a new house that they don’t have the space for or truly don’t have the need. A Professional Organizer will ask the right questions during the packing process and help people make realistic decisions about what to keep and what to sell, donate, or throw away. Many times people feel they have successfully purged during the packing process only to realize there is no room or need for many of the items in the new home. A Professional Organizer will help play the devil’s advocate and help you make logical and not emotional decisions on what to keep. Your old can be someone else’s new. By donating things you probably will not need or use, you will help improve someone else’s life. Most Professional Organizers have connections at numerous charities and can make sure your items get to the people for whom they will do the most good.