One thing we know for sure, clutter creates stress. We will alleviate this stress by working with you to declutter, purge and organize various spaces in your home. Decluttering takes time which requires decision making and patience. For some people it may be a closet that is too full and disorganized, for others it could be a kitchen/pantry area or maybe your kids' toys have taken over the house.

  • We will declutter, sort and create a more streamlined kitchen for you.

  • We will create a system for an organized entryway/mudroom.

  • We will create a system that even the kids will follow!

  • We will declutter and create a Home Office system that allows you to work without the visual clutter.

  • You’ll never have to answer the question: Where is the [Fill In The Blank]?

Closets/Closet Design

Whether you need closet organization or a brand new closet build we can help. As one of the area's few independent representatives for Container Store's Contained Home Program, we offer custom closet design.

  • We will help you sort, purge and organize your closet so choosing your outfits everyday will be much easier.

  • We will help design a new closet system to create a more functional flow.

  • We will create a system for walk-in, reach-in, linen or any size closet.

  • We will make small tweaks or a major transformation in your pantry, linen, craft, or garage closet.


We help empty nesters (freebirders) or just someone ready to move into a smaller low maintenance style home. If you have started to think about downsizing but the thought of having to declutter and purge becomes overwhelming, we can help! We will work with you to create a definitive action plan to get you ready to move into a home that suits your current life needs.

  • We will carefully declutter, sort and purge your belongings alongside you while helping with decision making.

  • We will help alleviate the stress of downsizing and decision making

  • We will help you through the downsizing process by decluttering and deciding what is really worth taking and what items you should say goodbye to.

Move Management

Let us help take the stress out of moving. We will work with you to start the process before we even begin to pack. We can help you to declutter and purge so you are not moving unnecessary items and belongings.

  • We will prepare your home for a move by decluttering and pre-packing.

  • We will work with your relocation company to streamline your move.

  • We will unpack and settle you into your new home.

  • We will create a system for your newly renovated space.



Let's talk about how we can help you! A quick call with us will be the start of an organized life!

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