One thing we know for sure, clutter creates stress. We will alleviate this stress by working with you to declutter, purge and organize various spaces in your home. Decluttering takes time which requires decision making and patience. For some people it may be a closet that is too full and disorganized, for others it could be a kitchen/pantry area or maybe your kids' toys have taken over the house.

We have seen many different spaces and know how best to set them up to create good function and flow of the space. We promise to leave your space stress free and leave you with a system to keep it that way.



(The below pricing is an average range in order to help you budget accordingly. Actual price will result from a free consultation. They do not include any organizing products. Product estimates are given once we have the consultation. Please note that not all projects require products.)

  • Kitchens & Pantries - typically 2 people, 1-2 days = $1225 -2450.00
  • Bathroom - typically 1-2 people, 1 day = $665-1225.00
  • Mudroom - typically 1-2 people, 1 day = $665-1225.00
  • Playroom - typically 2 people, 1 day = $1225.00
  • Garage - typically 2 people, 1 day = $1225.00
  • Home Office - typically 1 person, 1 day = $665.00
*A full-day is up to 7 hours; a half-day is up to 3.5 hours. Time over 3.5 hours is billed as a full-day.
**Pricing includes hands-on organizing, planning, research, shopping, ordering, travel, some trash removal, and project management. Also includes taking a car load of donations at the end of a session.



Let's talk about how we can help you! A quick call with us will be the start of an organized life!

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