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How I Became a Professional Organizer

How I Became a Professional Organizer

I remember the night it all came to happen...

I had sold a previous business that I owned in the technology space and decided to retire. I spent 11 months as the busiest retired person ever. My daughters were still in high school and there was plenty to do. Though something was missing for me. Even though I was busy, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything.

So back to that night...

My husband and I had dropped our daughter off at a birthday party and we stayed out for dinner. It was nothing fancy. Just a pizza place near the party venue. All of a sudden before the waiter arrived, I started to choke up. I’m not a crier so this was a weird feeling. I’ll never forget my husband’s look of shock when he looked at me as the waiter came over and asked if we’d like a drink. My husband immediately told him we need a minute and he asked me what was going on. He thought maybe this was a menopause thing and was surprised when I said I wasn’t happy being retired. He then asked what would you like to do? And I answered, I want to be a Professional Organizer. He was very supportive and as someone who has also started successful businesses he said “okay let’s get started”

I did not know where to begin. I am a very organized person and thought I had good skills for the profession though I had no clue how to get started. I found a professional organizing company that sells franchises and I saw that they did not have one in the Boston area, so I inquired. I went through their version of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory test so see if I were worthy of paying them a franchise fee and giving them a percentage of my yearly revenue. After running through their obstacle course of presentations, marketing plans, and multiple interviews, I got to the final stage only to be told thanks but no thanks. They were going with someone else. I was heartbroken, disappointed, and had some doubt. So I played what my husband calls the “isn’t it awful game” for a few minutes and then decided to start my own and show them they made a huge mistake.

The beginning of The Organized You…

It was all hands on deck. Mom was going to do this. I got myself organized and began with a business and marketing plan that honestly could have been sketched on the back of a napkin. The name was first. I have my daughter to thank for that. And then came my website. Then I made the greatest decision for my business: I became a Contained Home Partner. The Container Store’s Contained Home division was looking for partners. I inquired, interviewed, and they accepted me. It was a huge boost for referral business and helped catapult me into success. My business had taken off. I had regular clients and a steady stream of new opportunities.

I am now beginning my 4th year in business and am so pleased with the way things have worked out, especially after my first huge rejection trying to get started in the business. I have some great co-workers, amazingly wonderful clients, and every single time I end my day, I take great pleasure knowing I have just made someone’s life a little better.