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10 Clutterless Gift Ideas

10 Clutterless Gift ideas that won't add a mess to your home and you never have to leave to buy.

Our daughter-in-law asked this year not to give our grandchildren gifts that will result in clutter. They are running out of space in their house for their toys like the racetrack, kitchen set, ice cream stand, and Lego skyscrapers that are built and never disassembled. Being a Professional Organizer who has a natural aversion to messes, it made me think about a list of gifts that are enjoyable, personal, and won’t take up space. Below is a list of my top choices for children and adults.

Zoo/Museum/Aquarium Membership or Day Pass
This gift is great for children and parents. And if you really want to complete the gift, purchase a gift certificate for the Gift Store at the end. The adults will love that they don’t have to negotiate with their children, and it can be presented as an incentive provided to the children to behave.

Spa Day/Massage/Nail Salon
Dads, husbands, or partners take notice. The perfect gift for a busy mom, wife, or partner. Busy or not, everyone will enjoy a day at a spa, an hour massage, or a treat to have her nails done. If you really want to impress her, make it for two so she can take along a friend. The only risk is her friend’s husband/partner will be miffed that they didn’t think of it first. A small price to pay to make your loved one happy.

Personal Chef for a Night
Not just for the rich and famous. Who would say no to having a restaurant experience in their own home. You can pre-select your meal or have them surprise you. Send the kids to their grandparents and enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening without having to leave your dining room table. They will even do the dishes.

This is my husband’s personal favorite. For as little as $99 ($89 currently on sale) you can capture someone’s memories forever. This is how it works: The person receives one question every week that they answer by email. After 52 weeks, the questions and answers are included in a bound book that will be a keepsake for the rest of your life and an item that can be passed down for generations. My husband gave it to his father and receives his answer to each week’s question. He’s said he cannot believe how much he has learned from his dad each week. And don’t fret over the questions, Storyworth has hundreds preselected, you can create your own, or mix and match. Some examples are: What was your favorite childhood toy? What do you like most about your spouse? What were some of your life’s greatest surprises? It’s a wonderful gift for them and an even better gift for you.

Airline Vouchers for Grandparents/Parents
Unless you have a private jet, the cost of airline travel has skyrocketed. (It probably has for PJ owners too.) An airline voucher in any amount is appreciated and sometimes just the little push that is needed to get them to brave the travel hassle. Check out some of your own frequent flyer programs. Sometimes you can get a little extra if you purchase a voucher with an airline you have an account with.

Pay for Kids Dance/Gymnastics/Karate Lesson
This an excellent gift for grandparents to give to their children. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to enroll kids into these activities? Each month can run over $100 to hundreds. You don’t need to pay for a long period. If you don’t know the name of their facility, ask. Then go online or call and let them know to skip an invoice and put it on your credit card. Just picking up the tab for a month or a few weeks will be a gift that will make a direct impact on your children.

Personal Stylist Gift Card
When I mentioned this to my husband he said, “what the hell is that?”. A personal stylist helps both women and men. A true luxury that people always wonder why they didn’t do this sooner. Some of the services include a virtual styling, a wardrobe edit, a purge and shop, or ideas on how to better utilize all the clothes you own without having to buy anything. It’s a wonderful gift for the person who has everything.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription
For the avid reader in your life, this gift is a winner. No clutter and a constant stream of new and old releases. They can try a new author without having to purchase the book. And if they don’t like it, they can abandon it and switch to a new one. All avid readers love to find a new author to add to their favorites. Explore your options here and find the perfect plan.

Professional Photographer Gift Certificate
I like this idea so much that I decided to give it to myself. Professional photographers are so much better than amateurs with an iPhone. This is a great gift for a recent grad who needs a professional headshot for their social media account, a newly engaged couple, or a family of any size. Timeless portraits will be appreciated by everyone.

Organizing Gift Card
This is a shameless plug for Professional Organizers everywhere. I have never had a client who wasn’t elated when we were finished. Let’s face it, organizing is a pain and really paralyzing for some people. It causes a lot of stress. An organizer can help with a room, a closet, even a drawer. Check out some of the work we have done, and we can answer any questions you might have. The Organized You.